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Complement our outstanding DJ services with state-of-the-art lighting, superior sound systems, and eye-catching visual effects. Our customizable options, including custom monograms, LED uplighting, and dance floor lighting, will set the perfect atmosphere and make your event truly memorable. Let us create an immersive, captivating experience for you and your guests.

Private Parties, Corporate Events, and More

What We Provide

Indoor Firework Fountains

Few things gather people’s attention as much as fireworks, so steal the show with our indoor firework fountains. Picture your first dance, your grand entrance, or your packed dance floor lit up by 12 foot streams of completely safe, non-flammable, non-toxic cold sparks.

Dance Floor Lighting and Lightscaping

All Marquee DJ services come with our standard form of dance floor lighting, but what if you’re looking for something more? Our extensive catalog of lighting capabilities is sure to exceed even your craziest dreams about what you want your dance floor to look like.


Our most common event enhancement, and for good reason. Uplighting could turn a sporting stadium into an extravagant wedding venue, and in terms of value, it can’t be beat. Our uplights are industry-leading, completely adjustable throughout the night, and battery operated, which means no ugly wires lying around. Reach Out to Us and see why so many people choose to enhance their event with uplighting.

CO2 Cannons

Question: Have you ever seen a rockstar shoot fog into the crowd at a concert? Follow up: don’t you want to do that to your guests at your wedding? With our CO2 cannons, you can! Ask us how you can become the main event on your packed dance floor.

After Parties

Ever had a night that you just never wanted to end? We PROMISE you that that will be your celebration. So, why let it end when you can have your Marquee team rock your afterparty too? Or maybe you can’t decide between a band or a DJ, why not have both? Afterparties are the hottest new wedding trend, and nobody does it better than our team.

Monogram Projections

It’s your night, so put your name in lights. Monogram projections display your name, logo, or cause in bright lights on walls or your dance floor, and there’s no better way to remind your partiers what they’re celebrating.

Premium AV Solutions

Many events present challenges with providing high quality sound. Luckily, we invest in industry-leading (and albeit very pricey) tech to tackle this problem head-on, so that you don’t have to break your bank to have your speeches heard. Whether your venue had an all-glass ceiling, or it’s a massive ballroom with 400+ people, we’ve seen it and nailed it before, and our premium av solutions can tackle any problem presented, guaranteed.


Photo Booths are fun for both those who dance and those who don’t. But more importantly, what better way to blackmail your guests than with photo evidence of their shenanigans. And shhh… we won’t tell them that we give you digital copies.